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My Sister Keeper

My Sister Keeper is a new organization looking for creative, determined and businesses-minded women.


We are a networking support group that focuses on encouraging and supporting women empowerment and helping to support one another.


We will have quarterly meetings where we come together to converse about our businesses and give each other feedback and ideas. This is a group of creative minds coming together to get extraordinary results.


We will support one another and rejoice in each other’s growth. Never looking at each other as an adversary instead as an ally. Sometimes you just need to be in the company of people who think like you do-"My Sister Keeper”.



Hosted at Small Special Occasions by Erica Freeman
If you are also interested in being a part of this new organization fill out the form below.


Contact Erica Freeman (334)791-5191

Or email

Thanks for you interest in My Sister Keeper . We'll be following up with you soon !

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